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What is Holistic Coaching?  Who is it for?   


Sometimes we get it in our minds that there is just one "right" way to achieve our dreams and goals.  In-fact, the options are in the multitudes!  This thought can be freeing, exhilarating, and fill you with motivation and enthusiasm to reach for your potential, or it may feel daunting, overwhelming, and inhibit you from stepping forward into the unknown.  A coach is a partner who can help you uncover your next step, or your first step.  Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or just the feeling that something is missing, some part of your life could improve, you could find more joy, peace, or sense of accomplishment, but you aren’t quite sure how.  A coach has the skills to help you unearth truths that are unique to you as an individual, as well as the large or small steps that will move you forward on your path to wellness and success in all aspects of your life. 


Just like there is no one "right" way to achieve the life you want, there is no one single topic, goal, or issue that is perfect for coaching.  Any area of your life where you would like to experience change can be assisted by the partnership of a trained coach or mentor.


Coaching is a holistic process that will involve all aspects of you as an individual.  Your body, intellect, emotions, and spirit will all be employed and work together to design a future that is entirely your own creation, wholly achievable, and already nearly yours since you have taken the first step by simply considering the options and opportunities a coaching partnership might provide.  


If you are considering coaching, coaching is for you!

Individual and Group Coaching  

Individual coaching can take place in person, over the phone, or through video chat.  

Individual coaching sessions are typically 30 to 45 minutes in length.

  • A single session is $50.  

  • A package of 3 sessions is $120.

  • A sliding scale is available upon request, no questions asked!   

Group coaching is another way to receive individualized coaching in a group of 3 to 4 people.  All participants agree to meet for a specified number of sessions, (typically 4 or more).  Coaching lasts approximately one hour.  Every participant will be coached as an individual on each call.  The group will collectively hold space for one another, learn from, and transform together.  People who have coached in groups have remarked how being present for others, and having others be present for them positively impacted their coaching experience and its outcomes in their lives.    

Group coaching can take place over the phone or through video chat.  Sessions are an hour in length and $25 per session.  Group coaching is sold in packages of 4 for $100.  

If you are interested in individual or group coaching contact Christine using this form or contact her directly by phone (802) 391-9731 or email

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