Yoga Therapy

Heal and Transform 

Yoga Therapy is a guided mind-body practice to lead people toward the truth within.  Sometimes the truth is hidden trauma to be healed.  Sometimes the truth is recognizing one's power and capacity for change and growth.  Sometimes the truth is a deep well of emotional resilience available to stabilize to strengthen in times of stress and challenge.  

Yoga Therapy is based on the teachings, research, and practice of Yoga, Buddhism, Neuroscience, and Psychology.  It is for personal exploration and development.  It is not necessary to know yoga in order to participate in yoga therapy. In-fact a regular yoga practitioner may find the experience devoid of the language and flow that is familiar to them.  

Mindful Movement 

Embodied Meditation 

Integration & Dialogue

The Yoga Therapy process is carefully led by a trained practitioner in a safe, comfortable, accessible environment. The process is typically one-on-one, client and therapist.  Occasionally, therapy groups are formed around a certain topic or theme to enhance individual learning and experience with mutual community support.  No groups are being run at this time. 


If you aren't sure if you are ready for a yoga therapy session, you can attend Yoga Oggi's Present-Centered Therapeutic Yoga class for a glimpse at what the process might be like.  The class is a softer form of inquiry into the body-mind relationship and students are guided through an internal integration.  While the experience is in a collective, virtual space, the process and integration are private.  Students are always encouraged to connect with Christine after class if more personal support is needed.

Right now all sessions and classes are being offered online.  In-person sessions are possible but limited at this time.

If you are interested in yoga therapy contact Christine using this form, call (802) 391-9731, or email to set up a discovery call.


This method of Yoga Therapy follows the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Model.

Personal     Connected     Empowered