Jeff L.

Yoga and your teaching have been life-changing for me.  Thank you for accepting me as a beginner and helping me evolve.

Beth B.

I’ve been practicing for 3 years with Christine. Christine is incredibly knowledgeable and really knows to how to transfer that knowledge to those who practice with her. I find that I’m still evolving as a student of yoga with Christine’s expertise. Even while practicing online, her cues for each posture helps keep good form and is so, so beneficial to my practice...

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Ellen Y.

Christine is a wonderful teacher who can challenge you to be your best and work your hardest while knowing and loving your own self and your capacities in that moment.  She has a profound depth of knowledge about the body and about yoga, and a deeply caring heart.


Christine is a Yoga Alliance Certified RYT-500 Hour Yoga Teacher.  She has over 1000 hours of specialized training in numerous yoga disciplines, and is trained in Yoga Therapy, Mindful Nature Connection, and Personal Coaching.  She has a Bachelor’s in English and Philosophy from the University of Delaware and a Master’s in Environmental Studies from Antioch University New England.

  • Christine believes a yoga practice should be grounded in the present, free of expectation and judgement, patient and compassionate.  

  • Yoga is about building genuine, meaningful connection with self, others, and our natural world.

  • Christine offers knowledge, skills, and experiences to uncover the authentic “I” within and its unlimited potential for growth and change.

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Yoga Oggi was founded by Christine Badalamenti Smith.  It is collection of practices and services that embrace the unique qualities of every person as they arrive in the present moment, it is a community of engaged and empowered people embracing what is and what can be, and it is a state of mind. 

Yoga Oggi was born of Christine's lifelong passion for studying wellness that acknowledges all aspects of being human today, including natural body care, nutrition, physical fitness and yoga, psychology, sociology, and spirituality.  


Yoga Oggi is a bridge from the individual to the communal and natural world.  This platform would not be aligned with Christine's deepest values if it did not honor her past career in environmental advocacy. 

Human wellness is inextricably linked with the wellness of our Earth.  P
eople are just as much a measure of Earth's health as other species and habitats.  Through improving the balance within people, and the connections among people, this will ripple out in meaningful ways that result in a true balance with nature.  

Christine feels the most herself when she is serving others.  She also hopes to provide opportunities for others to practice and experience the deep sense of gratitude and wellbeing that comes from service.  Keep an eye out on this website for more information about service opportunities in the future. Giving and connecting is a natural state of human being and this practice also helps brings the body into balance with itself, community, and the planet.  

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